Gallery 2002

Rose on Black

Glass Rose

Silver Morning

Fade To Sharp

The Cat Decorators-NOT

Over The River

A Quiet Place
For Cil and Grandmother Beth

Window Still Life

Nome Sunset

Memories of Nome

Inside the Cottage

The Cottage

Pink Morning Sky

Snow Steps



Inspired By

The Alcove

Home In The Hills

The Guardian Tree In Sepia

Guardian Tree

Rainy Day Reflections II

Just A Tree

Rainy Day Reflections

Experiment with Lights



Mirror, Mirror

Vast Horizons

One Last Sunflower

Seaside Cottage


Black and White Autumn

For Sale By Owner

Empty Pots

The Doll House

Waldo and Emma - The Hands of Time

A Glass of Rose'

Rocky Point

Coming Home


Bryce Blues

A Study In Lighting

Towards The Light

Morning Train
A Collaboration

Hats hisNhers

Cabin In The Hills

New Horizons


Neath Frozen Pond

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