The Panorama Applet Page
Panorama as seen in the 'Panorama Tube Painting' ..
Some other nice applets as well

The Lake Applet Home Page
The lake as seen in the gallery

The Anfy Java Home Page
Fabio Ciucci, artist & Java programmer ... two of many of Fabio's applets,
the Book Flip and the Bump Applets as seen in Gallery II

Original Midi Compositions by Bruce DeBoer
Midi songs as heard in the gallery ... White Wolf and White Swan

Al Dawson's Digitoils Tutorials
Digital paintings using Paint Shop Pro

Free Paint Shop Pro 5 Picture Tubes by Diana
Diana's site was my first introduction to tube painting ... some examples
in the paintings section were from her tutorials

State of Entropy Webgraphics
Tutorial for the TV/Computer screen as seen on the tubes page

Web Graphics on a Budget
Mardi has many great tutorials using PSP .. I have used several
... a great resource on the net

Skeldale House Treasures
A great selection of water and sky tubes as seen in the tubes demo,
genealogy, animations and more ... beautifully done pages

Hoods PSP Tubes Downloads
Some super non-scanned, original tubes and a tutorial for installing
and maintaining your tube collection

The Page of Blues
Blues has some terrific lighthouses, seagulls, sand as used in several
of my tube paintings ... anything seaside, she's got it

Digital Images with a Touch of Mystery
Great gallery of Gail's paintings, Blade Pro Presets, Workshop and more ..
Plan to spend some time there ..

PSP Tubes by Twilight Design
You will find tubes for virtually any occasion at this site. I didn't count,
but there a ton of them.

Spudnet - Design Shop
Great graphics, tips, tutorials and more ... a great site for information.
Be sure and visit her art gallery.

Susie's Dingbats
The companion site of Susie's Font Frenzy page. A great collection
of dingbat fonts that are so handy for graphics unusual.

i/us -- the Dingbat pages
Many more dingbats here .. you can tell I'm a dingbat addict.

Thumper's Tubes
Some really nice tubes here .. flowers, hearts, angels and some
beautiful gold cutouts.

The Tube Page
A very nice collection of flowers, baskets, frames, wreaths
and a new set of 51 shapes tubes.

Grumpy's Font Page
The site to visit if you want to create your own fonts ... also, a set
of fonts created from Laurie's shapes tubes.

Will's PSP Resources Page
A great list of resources for users of Paint Shop Pro ... Got a question
or problem .. look here first!

Tutorial Links