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Only sites that have been authorized direct access to graphic files are allowed. All others will display a 'forbidden access' image.

Any use of the images on this site on a wallpaper site, webpage, guestbook page, stationary, graphic for a signature file, or for any commerical use requires one or more of the following:

1. Authorization from me for the use of any of the images. You can email me and I will decide on a per request basis.

2. A visible link on your web page, where the image is displayed, back to this site, as credit for the artwork. I have worked hard to build traffic on my sites, and this is only fair. If you do not wish to add a link to this site, then my signature, as it appears on the image, must be visible.

3. If the image is to be used in a commercial setting, where you will make money from the use of the image, then you must contact me and either obtain authorization, or settle on terms of compensation

All rights to the images are retained by me, as the author of the image. The use of the images is at my discretion, as the owner. Any violation of these "Terms of Use" is subject to action by myself, as the owner , including but not limited to requesting the administrator or host provider of the offending site to have the images removed. This web host site maintains daily, detailed site statistics, which includes, but not limited to, access to graphic images and the site name from where those accesses originate. They are checked daily for violations of the above "Terms of Use."

The term "images" is defined as any file on this website that is a jpg, bmp, gif, png, or any other electronic graphic format.

Contact the site owner ... dhanco at cableone dot net

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