Simple 3D With Paint Shop Pro

This tutorial is an example of creating simple 3D effects using Paint Shop Pro 5.

1) Create a new image 500 wide by 300 height with a transparent background
(Actual image size is reduced here for faster loading)

2) Right click on the 'background' layer in the 'control panel' and select 'promote to layer'
3) Click on the rectangle selection tool and begin at '0' from the left and '60' from the top

4) Make your selection 250 wide (half the width of the image) by 240 in height

5) Flood fill this selection with a pattern or solid color of your choice. This will become the left and right walls. I used a pattern which you can download here Papyrus Background

6) Select Image|Deformations|Perspective - Horizontal and set difference at 58%, hit 'OK' and you should see this

7) Now choose Selections|Select None and then click on the active layer in the layer control panel, right click and select Duplicate

8) The new layer will be the active layer - select Image|Mirror and your image should look like this

9) Click on Layer 1 to make it the active layer and select the 'new layer' icon. This will be the layer for the ceiling and has to be behind the walls. Use the 'select rectangle' tool and make a selection from upper left (0) to right (500) to just below where the corner wall meets the ceiling.

Flood fill the selection with a color or texture. This will be the ceiling.

10) Add a new layer above the ceiling for the floor and repeat step (9), but start from bottom left (0) to just above where the bottom corner meets the floor. Flood fill with a color or texture. You now have the floor.

11) Add decor ... use the paintings/decorations of your choice. Resize to fit the wall size and copy/paste as a new layer (making sure your uppermost layer is the active layer)

12) Place on the wall in the approximate location you wish and select Image|Deformations|Perspective - Horizontal and choose the appropriate settings. NOTE: These settings need to be increased - if placed on left wall difference=100% and if placed on right wall difference= -100%

13) You can add more depth by adding some lighting effects. Simply use a rectangular gradient flood fill instead of a solid color for the ceiling and floor. For the ceiling I chose a foreground color of #8F816B (or R=143, G=129, B=107) and a background color of #F4E0B6 (or R=244, G=224, B=182). I used the same colors for the floor, but reversed the foreground and background colors.

Save your image in the *.psp format so that all layers remain intact. Just play with it .. other textures, deformations, colors ... add furniture, columns, light fixtures ... enjoy!

Part II of Simple 3d Using PSP

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