Doors Zip File Columns Zip File Lights Zip File Lights Zip File Pedestal and Globe Zip File Pedestal and Vase Zip File
Click on the image to download the zipped file. The columns are all three in one file .. click the center column to download. Most items are scaled to fit the graphic with the exception of the center column, which is actual size. Please note there are no text files included. It will be necessary to load them into PSP and export as a 'Picture Tube' file.

Crypt 1 Crypt 2 Door Wood Door Rock Door Gray
Sorry if scrolling is required, it was necessary to have a wide graphic to include all of the doors. The doors are scaled to fit the graphic, are larger than they appear above and in individual zipped files. Click on the image(s) you wish to download. Once again, please note that there are no text (control) files included.

Upper Door Left Upper Door Right Lower Door Left Lower Door Right
The doors above are scaled to fit the graphic and actual size is much larger. They are in individual zipped files .. Click on the image(s) you wish to download.

Window Brick Chest Sun Art Scale Brushes Jukebox 1 Jukebox 2 Pedestal Art Window White Door Gray Tunnel Scale Gold Jukebox Wall Cash Register
The majority of the above tubes were downloaded from the alt.binaries.clip-art newsgroup in jpeg format and then converted to tubes. None were posted as 'personal use only.' I call this the cellar because these are a mish-mash of tubes that did not fit elsewhere. All of the items are considerably larger than they appear above. I feel it better to keep them larger as they can easily be resized to a smaller size if desired.

NOTE: All files have been scanned by the following:
McAfee Virus Scan using the most recent updates
Norton Anti Virus with the WIN95.CIH update
F-Prot Virus Scanner for Dos

Some Hanukah tubes by Elenyte ...

This site has an excellent tutorial for downloading, installing and maintaining your tubes ....

Hoods PSP Tutorial

These tubes and those to come are all originals created by me. None are gathered from the many collections on the internet. They are intended for personal use only and are not to be added to collections or cd(s) without permission. No link back is required, but I would really like to see how you are using them ... drop me an email with your URL, okay?

dhanco at ida dot net (darn spammers!)

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